Abruzzo, Italy Tour

Come explore Iceland’s rugged and magical back country terrain on this 8 day mountainbike adventure. We traverse rolling ridgelines over the highlands, steam through the geothermals of a dormant volcano and pedal through the colourful Rhyolite mountains. 

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Iceland Tour

Duration: 8 days

​Dates: August 12 - 20, 2017

Location: Iceland

Style: Mountain      Terrain: Single track

Difficulty: 4/​5

Explore 3 main Yukon riding areas - the Grey Mountain, Mouth MacIntyre & Montana Mountail trail

Snake through mountains as you discover some of Canada's most beautiful scenery

Duration: 3 days

Dates: Upon Request

Location: Beachburg (ON)

Style:  Mountain      Terrain:  Double & Single track

Difficulty: 4/​5

Great technical trail riding in the Whitewater Capital of Canada.  Welcome to the Ottawa Valley where you'll experience a unique and challenging network of trails.   

Stunning bike in-bike out accommodation with unforgettable views of the Ottawa River.

Yukon Tour

​Whitehorse - Carcross, Yukon

Duration: 8 days

​Dates: Upon Request

Location: Yukon

Style:  Mountain      Terrain:   Single track

Difficulty: 4/​5


​ - "The Garden of Eden for Mountain Bikers"

There are several mountain ranges in Abruzzo with challenging climbs, amazing views, and thrilling single track descents.

Duration: 9 days

​Dates: October 12 - 20, 2018

Location: Abruzzo, Italy

Style:  Mountain      Terrain:   Single track

Difficulty: 3/​5


Quebec Tour

The Ottawa Valley is home to incredible and scenic single and double track mountain bike trails. See the awe inspiring power of the Ottawa River as you ride next to the World Class rapids and weave your way along the well maintained trails.  

3 Day Getaway

                  Ottawa Valley, Ontario